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Simplifying Access and Storage: A Solution for Document Management Designed to organise, store, track, and retrieve documents and files efficiently. It replaces the hassle of traditional paper-based filing systems by offering a centralised platform where documents can be securely stored, categorized, and accessed with ease.

Eye In The Sky

More than Meets the Eye Robin’s mobile application allows for real-time case assignment, monitoring, and management of court activities, especially lawyers’ on-court duties.

The Allied Power

Stay Connected with Allied Partners MaxAllied is a web portal for the law firm’s network interaction, exchange of documents, and information sharing between clients. Its built-in workflow supports various legal suit types to cater for communications with partners such as valuers, real estate, private businesses, and corporations.

A Good Hand

Conveyancing become Easy Deal MaxConveyancing provides a customised workflow to help automate intensive processes associated with conveyancing management to increase productivity and scalability. This module’s capable workflows and automation can reduce the risk of operational errors.

The Trapeze Net

Foreclosure becomes Simple and Straight forward MaxForeclosure’s extensive custom-designed for comprehensiveness supports compliance requirements, managed by different workflows to monitor the foreclosure status from beginning to end. It includes the complete spectrum of the foreclosure proceeding process, from the issuance of notice to the eventual post-auction management.

The Full Package

Putting the Grip Back to Litigation MaxLitigation’s inbuilt operation workflow and features maximise efficiency, improve the ability to respond to the suit initiated, and plan all legal commencement and enforcement. Its automated operation process minimises the risks of errors without the requirement for physical documents/ files.

The Fine Print

Keeping Printing Simple and Professional MaxPrint’s print and mail solution help you manage the entire document production seamlessly. Whether you are struggling to keep up with mailing tasks in-house or simply looking to save money while making money, there is a better way to get your mail out when dealing with volume.