Conveyancing become Easy Deal

MaxConveyancing provides a customised workflow to help automate intensive processes associated with conveyancing management to increase productivity and scalability. This module’s capable workflows and automation can reduce the risk of operational errors.

Different Workflow for Different Conveyancing Type

This module has four (4) pre-configured workflows for Developer SPA, Sub-sale SPA, Loan Financing, and Auction Transfer Sales. It is dynamic to keep track of every step involved in different stages. Whether volume cases from panels or private clients, MaxConveyancing provides the control you want over your processes to complete a conveyancing matter.

Dynamic Configurable Status

Every workflow has an associated set of pre-statuses defined. The actions registered in the system reflect the stages with their associated statuses in real time You can track the progress of matters by referring to these statuses and anticipate the following tasks, giving an instant overview of matters across the entire client base.

Precedent Library and Document Generation

All information entered into the database through uploading reduces the need for data entry. With a simple profile setup to map all relevant fields for the pre-population and generation of your documents, a library of templates can be maintained and used at any time.