Hi! I am Maxift and I am everything that you need to operate your law firm

What Maxift can do for you

Maxift is a web-based legal practice operation management software. With the most problems experienced in legal firms, it is a creative solution with its essential modules that supports your underlying business processes transforming your law firm into a modern and high performing business.

How it works

Maxift enables firms to save time by streamlining standardised processes with built-in operations processes and unique practice-type workflow within a single application. Along with strict controls embedded into the application software, it allows you to work in sync from anywhere you need to be on the centralised cases.

Who we are

Inspired by the frustrations with outdated operation practices and processes, the team develops a solution that changes law firms’ operations. We are a team of dedicated professionals with real-life operations experience and diverse backgrounds: in legal, financial institutions and technology.