More than Meets the Eye

Robin’s mobile application allows for real-time case assignment, monitoring, and management of court activities, especially lawyers’ on-court duties.

Geo Tagging Technology

Robin’s built-in geotagging provides locations of court/land office visitations. Users can plan their journey using the court duties scheduling and activities. Interactions between the office and lawyers in the courthouse are real-time in a secure environment, managing out-of-office legal activities in a structured manner.

Remote Assignments

Firms can manually assign or configure to auto-assign cases for out-of-office assignments works. This module allows you to plan your case distribution and streamlines the case assignment process via this mobile application for those who are always on the go.

Real-time update

Robin helps deliver information in real-time to the case, not just speeding communication but also sharing of information. Updates from Robin help prepare the next course of action without delay. It creates a high-performance culture by narrowing the wait time for the latest status update.