Putting the Grip Back to Litigation

MaxLitigation’s inbuilt operation workflow and features maximise efficiency, improve the ability to respond to the suit initiated, and plan all legal commencement and enforcement. Its automated operation process minimises the risks of errors without the requirement for physical documents/ files.

Complete Legal Operations Management Suite

MaxLitigation is flexible and designed with you in mind. It is integrated with other Maxift modules but can be subscribed separately according to your practice areas. It supports all operations from case initiation with legal statuses configurable to task design tools, generation and attachment of documents with basic invoice generation features.

Configurable Legal Status

This module supports the definition of legal status, referring to the execution of litigation actions on the case. Each legal process has an associated set of statuses configured per the legal process stage. The associated legal statuses are affected in real-time depending on the actions registered.

Legal Document Generation & Attachments

A simple profile set-up can map all relevant fields for the pre-population and generation of your documents. It provides a template designer to design and maintain a library of templates that can be used at any time. You can also attach documents (scanned or produced by the system) in the case file.