Stay Connected with Allied Partners

MaxAllied is a web portal for the law firm’s network interaction, exchange of documents, and information sharing between clients. Its built-in workflow supports various legal suit types to cater for communications with partners such as valuers, real estate, private businesses, and corporations.

Real-Time Direct Sync Matter Status

This portal can sync status on-demand with organisations using the same platform. It eliminates the need to upload matter status onto the client’s portal. Clients no longer need to follow up on legal status via the status report as all status provided in the platform is in real-time direct sync.

Value Added Service to Clients

Law firms can break the tradition using the proactive approach by offering this portal to clients handling a high volume of cases. It helps ease operations with just one single Sign-On.

On-Demand Information

Clients can now have a personalised portal set up for them accessible at any time. It provides a secure environment to share cases, billing information, communicate and assign cases. Clients can sign in, find what they need and give instructions online seamlessly.